Follow Up With Your Customers. Get More Business.

Email marketing works. We’ll set up automated
follow up and regular email campaigns for you.

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Email Marketing Is a Proven & Effective Way To Grow Any Business

Email marketing works whether you want to nurture new leads or to upsell to your existing customers. You can automate a sequence of pre-sales emails to make an initial sale and you can grow your relationship with consistent emails to your existing clients.

It’s low cost and easy. That’s why you need email marketing in your business.

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is central to small business success.

From the moment you capture a lead in your system you have the opportunity to follow up by email.

Once they are a client you can then upsell with regular email offers. The bottom line - email marketing just works.

New Lead Notification

Get notified by email or SMS when a new lead comes in to your system.

Now you have the chance to respond quickly by email to your new lead - even when you are on the go.

Your competitors don’t even know they’ve got a new lead - it’s buried somewhere deep in their inbox.

New Lead Nurturing

New leads need to know that you want their business.

By setting up a predictable sequence of emails you can demonstrate that you are organised and in control.

You have the chance to automate this or you can receive reminders to follow up manually.

2 Way Email

Keeping everything in one place and accessible to everyone means that you stay on top of your business.

Whenever you send an email out or receive a reply it is always logged in one place so that you can see the exact status and history of each lead.

Canned Responses

Using pre-written ‘canned’ responses means you will dramatically speed up communication to new leads.

Send a consistent reply every time.

Create new templates whenever you need them and you can reply with just a click. Meanwhile your competitors are losing time creating a fresh new email each time.

Follow Up Notifications

Prevent leads from get drowned in your inbox.

Follow up notifications are automated alerts that are generated when your new leads reply.

When your new lead replies to your automated follow up email you get notified in your admin panel. This means you lose no time in replying.

Existing Clients

Sending regular emails to your existing clients is a proven way to increase sales.

Whether it is a newsletter, a seasonal sale or a promotional offer you will be able to quickly and easily create and send beautiful emails


Want to use a particular email application that you are familiar with or already using.

Not a problem, we can integrate the most popular email marketing tools on the market so you don’t miss a beat.

Email Marketing Plans

Lead Management & Email Marketing

Ideal for local businesses who want
more traffic, more leads and more

Full Lead Automation

Ideal for businesses who are
focused on being number one in
their local market

Lead Capture setup* up to 5 channels up to 9 channels
Number of Contacts 1000 2500
Lead Capture Tracking
Lead Alerts to email & mobile**
Call Recording***
Returning Lead Notification
Lead Reporting
Onboarding 1 hour (remote) 2 x 1 hour (remote)
Support Email 9-5 M-F LiveChat
Done For You Lead Capture Content****
Email Marketing
Email Marketing Setup - up to 5 pre-configured follow up emails
Lead Scoring
Lead Automation Rules (up to 5 Automation Events)
One Off Setup Fee £209 £249
Monthly Fee £99 £129

* eg: email, live chat, contact form, landing page, etc..
** SMS costs apply
*** extra costs apply for number & minutes
**** Custom written content prepared for you to capture leads. Up to 1500 words (no images) & delivered as plain pdf with your logo

Lead Management Bundles

If you want to get more traffic and more leads then our Lead Management Bundles offer the best option for you. Save 25% on the setup fees!


Lead Bundle 2

Lead Bundle 3

Ideal for

Small Businesses in more competitive niches

Businesses who are determined to grow fast

Lead Management Entry
Lead Management & Email Marketing
Full Lead Automation
5 Page Best Practice Revamp
Local Business Listing (Google, Bing, Yahoo) 2 Platforms 3 Platforms
NAP Citations per month 20 30
Blogger Outreach Per Month 1 2
500 Word Blog posts per month 1 2
Social Business (3 Social Media Platform)
Referral Marketing Set up
Referral Marketing Set up £554 £876
Setup Discount 25% 25%
Setup Saving £139 £219
Discounted Setup £415 £657
Ongoing Monthly Cost £302 £699